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iggy pop driving an ambulance

if a giant penis shaped car runs over me
one day i would appreciate it
if hot paramedics came to my rescue

they would start yelling at each other
saying things like 'oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
i think she might be dead'
and they would worry a lot
and they would give me cpr and
they would shock me with their penises and
they would try their best to make me come back to life
but they would fail

i want to be run over by a giant penis

i want to see iggy pop crying desperately
when he realizes hot paramedics are unable to make me come
back to life
i think iggy pop would be disappointed
i think he would think ‘well holy punk rock
this girl is frigid’
and he would cry desperately
and he would be unable to say anything else
because he would probably go
into severe depression